Israel is an amazing country which can offer the tourists a wide range of tours. Israel is an incredibly diverse nation. The thousand-year history of this ancient land, pleasant climate and therapeutical opportunities of the Dead Sea, historical value and the thousand-year old history of Christianity – it’s all Israel. Israel is a country of contrasts: from the barren, rocky deserts of the south, dotted with oasis, ancient ruins and the great Dead Sea in its midst, to the green, rolling hills and valleys of the north steeped in Biblical history, Israel offers a variety like nowhere else. The old cities of Nazareth, Akko and Tzfat are a step back in time, while modern Haifa and Eilat, and the vibrant seaside city of Tel Aviv represent the secular, cosmopolitan side of the country. The Dead Sea, Red Sea, Sea of Galilee and Mediterranean Sea each emanate their own character.

Israel offers numerous amazing, exotic and unforgettable possibilities for Incentive trips and corporate team building activities. The varied landscape of the country offers many opportunities for active leisure: driving a jeep in the dessert, enjoying the sunrise while having a breakfast on the top of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea, windsurfing in the Red Sea, swimming in the Dead Sea and a wide choice of extreme sports. Classic tours to the Holy Land, including the route "in the footsteps of Jesus" (The Gospel Trail) can be combined with a program of great night setting in the desert, on the beach or in a unique historic location.

The country's unique traditions and cultures lend themselves ideally to special events that can be arranged. Israel is also very much a modern country with dynamic cosmopolitan cities. It has science-based industries, thriving international trade, great universities and world-renowned research facilities. All these dimensions, and more, make Israel a source of infinite variety and an exemplary meeting destination. Hotels are modern and abundant throughout the country, with pleasant, attentive staff providing the comforts and amenities your participants deserve. The hotels are located in places perfectly suitable for Gala dinners and other events.

The visitors of Israel can combine a corporate event or business trip with rest and bask in the sun, swim in the sea, delve into the ancient history, visit the archeological sites, participate in tours of the Holy Land, enjoy the balneology treatments in spa, work out in the desert. Accompanying tour guides will show the visitors the endless possibilities of travels and shopping in this country. We will be glad to help you to plan the trip and to combine business with pleasure.

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