Carnival of Venice


Expo Milan 2015 since last year is a partner of the Carnival of Venice. The most delicious festival in the world! will be the festive version of the event, Venice’s homage to the universal exhibition "Feeding the planet, energy for life", which since May 2015 will focus the international attention to issues such as the Earth's nourishment, food production and the exploitation of cultural traditions. 

"Experiencing" the Carnival in Venice will mean to savour every moment of the festival by definition.  Venice will offer a rich calendar of performances, shows and events linked to gastronomy and its products of excellence. 



Food, of which the Milan Expo will be the global discussion arena in 2015, is for the Carnival of Venice the "plenteousness" dreamed of by Harlequins worldwide, whose atavistic hunger will find satisfaction in Venice, not only from the gastronomic point of view!

The scenic "machina" in Piazza San Marco, the Gran Teatro, will be enriched with triumphs of food and vegetable garlands; stage settings and re-enactments of the Arsenale will reinterpret the relationship of Venice with food: markets, large banquets, arrivals of exotic foods that from Venice spread throughout Europe. 

Thanks to partnerships with museums and Venetian collections, the programme will propose thematic cultural itineraries for visitors, special openings, temporary exhibitions devoted to cycles of works that testify to the material culture related to food in Venice. Iconographic itineraries focused on food in the places of the Holy; theatrical performances and comedy; fables for children between fantasy and bountifulness.

In every imaginable artistic form, as is the custom in Venice – where the Carnival is a real cultural happening – the anthropological relationship with food will become the inspiration for entertainment: from the masks, which are so much tied with the success of the Carnival of Venice, that can shape a naturalistic and fantastic landscape inspired by fruit, a platter, a recipe where competitors of the Most beautiful Mask must draw inspiration from to parade in the Gran Teatro of San Marco

And the Arsenale of Venice, the most beautiful water parterre in the world, will stage the sweetness of the palate of Venetian culture and celebration of the Carnival.



Traditional food and good drinks will be present from the first occasion. Saturday, January 31, during the Venetian Festival, in the popular Cannaregio district, a great company of "nuveau cirque" will animate the start of Carnival with a theme-based show on the water and on the shore. The next day, the Venetian Festival with Historical procession of decorated boats: the tradition of the Venetian rowing couples with the Carnival, proposing to the audience along the Rio in Cannaregio a hos of fine dishes from Venetian cuisine, from the “sarde in soar” (sardines in a sweet and sour sauce) to the “bigoi in salsa” (bigoli pasta with onions and anchovies) to the sweet and fluffy fritters “fritole”. 

Saturday, February 7 will see the opening of the Gran Teatro of Piazza San Marco, the scenic stage by definition of the Carnival, designed with the collaboration of designers of the Gran Teatro La Fenice – where the most anticipated traditional appointments are enacted: the Festa delle Marie, historical parade of 12 girls in beautiful Renaissance costumes; Sunday, February 8, the Flight of the Angel from the Campanile di San Marco, interpreted by the 'Mary' winner of the Carnival of 2014. 

Alongside these events are the evening shows at the Arsenale of Venice, with the performance of urban outdoor masking, the fireworks and fountains of water, alternating with musical performances and dance performances and "cirque nuveau" in the Tese.

During the week before Lent, from Thursday 12 to Tuesday 17 February, an explosion of events, parties, fashion shows: in piazza San Marco, on Sunday, February 15, with the final competition of the most beautiful Mask of the Carnival, the Flight of the Eagle from the Campanile di San Marco and the Flying donkey from the Tower of Piazza Ferretto in Mestre; to the Arsenale of Venice, the festival lasts well into the night with live music. Mardi Gras is the grand finale, when the Carnival of Venice 2015 will celebrate the glories of San Marco in the Flight of the Lion, majestic banner of San Marco, the winged lion on the red backdrop which made the Serenissima Republic immortal in the Mediterranean and in the world.

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